Life Update

I didn’t want to make too many life-update type posts on my blog but I’ve haven’t posted in such a long time so I thought I’d write this quickly to break up my inactivity and make it clear that I haven’t given up on this blog.

In short, I’ve been very busy with uni work. Over the Easter holidays (late March to, well, now) I’ve had a couple of essays and some creative writing to work on. So, lots of writing has been going on. I won’t go into them too much because they’re not that interesting but it was all quite a lot of writing so when I was done for the day I didn’t really want to doย more writing. On top of that, my brain was so worn out I was kinda out on the original (well, sort of original) and fun ideas front.

I also ended up becoming inactive on Twitter. That was unintentional, I just started checking it less and less as I became more involved with work. Probably for the best, I’d have ended up getting hugely distracted.


I have now, thankfully, been relieved of all the essays and deadlines.


I managed to grab one day of respite after submitting my essays (today, the day I’m writing this post on) and then I have another two essays that will be released tomorrow. They have a deadline in two weeks from them which means another few weeks without any posts and then I’M ACTUALLY DONE.

And when I’m done I’ll be able to throw myself back into blogging. That’s the plan, at least. Though I don’t actually have any content planned out at the moment, But I’ll have plenty of time to think of things and plan some awesome stuff (and I’m really looking forward to doing so… I’ve missed blogging and I feel like I’ve really neglected it). So that’s what I’m going first when I’m done, get back into planning my content, and hopefully I’ll manage to get some new posts out there nice and swiftly.


My anxiety levels have been quite high lately too. I have a tendency to not respond too well to stress, and I’m definitely feeling that at the moment. Essay writing has been pretty draining, and I’ve found that after several hours of work I feel pretty nauseous, headache-y and fatigued (another thing that has affected my motivation to blog). My anxiety has been worsened by the fact that I got a couple of, shall we say…. less than satisfactory marks on some of the essays I did over the Christmas period which was unexpected and disappointing (given that I worked r e a l l y hard on them) and has now made me nervous about this lot of essays. I don’t think I’ve mentioned them yet but I’m considering doing a blog post related to the topic at some point in the future. (Side note: I managed to get one of my essay plans looked at by my seminar tutor and I also sent a draft in for marking so if you can I highly recommend doing that because it really put my mind at ease).

Two things have gotten me through this stressful period:

  1. I’ve started to work in some regular exercise. I’ve only been doing it about three weeks but so far so good! I’ve been doing yoga with a bit of arm weights thrown in because I want to improve my strength and flexibility. I’ve been really enjoying it so far- it’s a good way to release all the tension that’s built up from the work.
  2. RuPaul’s Drag Race- I’m obsessed with it, and have been for a few months now! We’ve watched most of it and are currently watching s10 as it airs weekly with loads of YouTube videos in-between. I’ve also discovered the RPDR reddit which is giving me LIFE and has been a great way to unwind when I’m not working, it’s pretty damn hilarious!

Well, this has been what’s been keeping me from blogging. It was nice writing this post and I hope you guys enjoy it. I’ll see y’all in a few weeks, try not to miss me too much haha!






7 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. I’m in the same boat as you with neglecting my blog because of school work. I’m really excited to see what posts are to come from you soon! Keep up the hard work, girl, it’s almost over with ๐Ÿ™‚

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