The Message That’s Missed in ’13 Reasons Why’

Before I get started I want to stress that everything written this post is based on my opinion and my own experiences. I’m not trying to speak for anyone else and their own experiences, I simply want to present my perspective.

13 Reasons Why has proved… controversial. It has definitely got me thinking. I’m not here to specifically talk about the show, but to instead discuss what I think is the show’s main message and amplify it, since it seems to have gotten lost amongst all the numerous complaints people have against the show.

I first of all want to say that I am aware of particular flaws, such as the presence, or rather lack of, of mental illness within the show’s narrative. I not only understand this issue but I totally agree with it, but this post is not going to focus on the flaws. I also want to add that I’ve tried to keep this post spoiler-free.

In fact, this piece isn’t even specifically about 13RW at all. In short, I really want to say: think about how you treat people. Try your best to be kinder. Think about how even a small, inactive gesture can lead to serious consequences. This all sounds like such a cliche, but unfortunately, in my experience at least, it’s something that a lot of people still need to be reminded about.

I guess one could argue, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it be argued many a time, that Hannah is using all these people as a scapegoat rather than working to get the adequate help she may need. I definitely think she would have benefitted greatly had she reached out beyond her guidance counsellor (perhaps to a doctor or another professional) but if you’ve been in a similar situation you might be able to understand the emotional anguish she suffered.

I can. The situations I’ve been in only vaguely resemble hers, and I felt nowhere near what I presume she was supposed to be feeling. It’s the principle more than anything else, though. ‘The principle’ being feeling like the world is against you, as demonstrated and reinforced the way your friends and your peers treat you.

It really causes your self esteem to dip, and this can take years for one to even begin to repair, something I’m all too familiar with. This is even worse when you’re a teenager and you’re more insecure and you crave the approval and validation of those around you. At this point in your life in particular, your self worth largely relies on your reputation, and how you’re perceived by your peers. And when they don’t accept you for whatever reason, your self worth crumbles.

I don’t want to discuss my own issues in detail, but I can only say that if the people around me had given me a bit of a chance rather than written me off as quiet and weird I wouldn’t have such an unhealthy relationship with myself (as well as anxiety issues in regards to dealing with other people). Does this sound a bit over-the-top? I mean, maybe. It’s perhaps a stretch to say it’s entirely their fault, and I probably would have suffered some anxiety issues regardless (and I don’t think anxiety really helped my situation at all haha).

To elaborate on my perspective, they assign you a label and figurative characteristics that, ultimately, are nothing like who you truly are. Then they fit you in a box and dismiss you for not fitting whatever standards they deem ‘worthy’ rather than taking time to actually get to know who you really are. In fact, in my experience, even when it seems like they could get to know you properly they choose to dismiss this in favour of maintaining the common perception. Maybe this doesn’t seem so bad to people who haven’t experienced this. But it can actually feel kind of dehumanising, especially to see the contrast in the way they treat each other (i.e. those who are considered ‘desirable company’ or whatever), and I don’t think people realise this. I also don’t think they realise how detrimental experiences like this can be on an individual’s mental health.

I feel like that was the message 13RW was trying to send. To me, it seemed that the collective mistreatment of Hannah by the majority of her friends that led to her experience such feelings. The easiest way to prevent this problem is for each individual to examine their own actions, and to be conscious of how they treat others around them. Not just because their actions can have consequences, but also because even a little bit of kindness can genuinely go a long way. We all know this to be true, right?

I don’t want this to become a ramble-y mess so I’m going to end it here. In short, there is a message in 13RW that I really wanted to project, simply because it shaped my experiences growing up and has left a lasting impact. For that reason, I would like to reiterate this: please be mindful of the way you treat others, especially those you don’t really know, even more so if they might have some sort of ‘negative’ reputation. As much as you are not responsible for their happiness and mental wellness our mental states are often at least somewhat dependent on the behaviour of those around us (unfortunately), so it can make a big difference to treat people kindly- especially when everyone else is not.

And to anyone who’s experienced anything similar no matter how bad you feel it is not your fault. It is not a reflection of your character, or your self worth. It may be hard to believe (I certainly would not have believed it) but remember- you’re not the one who set out to belittle another individual. I would encourage you to reach out to someone you trust if you’re able to, but I also understand that this can feel scary for some (i.e. me). In fact, I’d encourage you to fight to be heard and taken seriously if you feel able because it’s what you deserve. And need to talk I’m happy to support, just message my Twitter (or contact me through the blog).

I hope you are all well, make sure to take care of yourselves 💜





18 thoughts on “The Message That’s Missed in ’13 Reasons Why’

    1. I do think there’s a lot that’s going on in the show, and the execution definitely could have been fiction. I guess since its primarily intended for entertainment that might have had an influence on how this message was conveyed

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  1. I really enjoyed Season 1, and I thought the same as you- the message was to be kind as you never know what someone else is going through, and at the end of the day, there’s just no need to be mean!
    However, Season 2 I didn’t like very much. I felt like unlike season 1 where they clearly focused on mental health and depression and how to support one another, season 2 just tried to throw in every possible teen issue and as a result didn’t have time to properly do any of them justice! Don’t want to post spoilers on here but I’ve just done a blog post on it if you’re interested! 😘

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    1. I agree, it felt like a lot of the storylines ended up not properly being finished in s2 (or not explored in sufficient depth) and, as you said, it didn’t do them justice. Great, I’m going to have a read now,thanks for commenting 💕


  2. I actually totally agree with you on this. I haven’t watched series 2 yet but being someone that’s been judged so many times before being given a chance I totally feel this post on so many levels. I think the way the general population are so selfish nowadays is portrayed really well in this series and just how important it is that as parents, people need to be teaching their children how to be kind and decent humans and not self-titled, judgemental and, well, rapists. I know there are so many different opinions on this and to be honest I can’t keep up with them all as I agree with them all to a certain extent but I resonated with this, thanks for writing it!
    Alice Xx

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  3. I totally agree with you on this! We should all be a lot kinder to each other.. I really don’t understand why there’s people who actually enjoy being rude to people without a reason. The show is definitely not easy to watch! But anyway, loved reading this post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts ☺️🧡

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    1. And thank you so much for your lovely comment 💜 I don’t understand it either, I guess it’s because they’re insecure and that’s the only way they can deal with it… but that’s no excuse! In fact, it’s very unhealthy and can be detrimental 😖 xx

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  4. I adore this post and I think that its so great that you’re using your platform to promote what’s arguably the most important message of the show! Although I’m not denying that the show has its issues, the fact is, it is a SHOW and things are obviously going to be artistically presented/ its not a documentary, its supposed to provide general messages and make us all reflect on who we are and the type of person we want to be.
    Such a great read and I totally agree with you!
    Sophie – x

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  5. People think high school is no big deal and only a small portion of one’s life, but in reality its actually going to make or break you in your social life as an adult. This NEEDS to be realized, and I’m so happy you understand this logic. In the technological era, kids have it so much worse with bullies and nobody seems to blink an eye. I really appreciate this post, because it’s a huge eye opener for kids and adults alike. Thank you!

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    1. It’s part of your formative years, when you’re starting to prepare yourself for adulthood, and people really underestimate the impact a bad experience can have on one’s life. I’m so happy you get this logic too 😊 Thank you for your sweet comment 💜

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  6. I agree on your perspective. I believe the show did encourage people to talk about mental health even if people were bashing the show in the progress. I dislike how much hate it’s getting espically since the book was big in my childhood.

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    1. Thank you! I feel like people don’t consider other perspectives or look at the show in the other ways when they hate on it. Like you said, it encourages people to talk about mental health but this seems to often get overlooked


  7. I haven’t watched this show just based on the controversy because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to support something like that. But I love that you amplified the good that can come from the show. And you’re absolutely right that we all need to be more mindful and kind with our actions and how we treat one another. Thank you for shining a brighter light on the show among all the negativity.

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