Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

I started this post out with the intention of just making it into a list of ideas to jazz up your interiors, but I decided to put a little bit of a spin on it. I think it’s nice to have a place you can truly relax in, and what better way to help with the process of relaxation than focusing on creating a soothing atmosphere? So that’s the perspective I decided to take with this post. Rather than just rattle off a list of things that would improve the appearance of your room (which I’ve done before anyway), I’m going to rattle off a list of things that might help create a relaxing atmosphere (and also improve the appearance of your room). Enjoy!

De-clutter- I’m no expert but surely a more minimalistic space will also mean a more minimalistic mind? Right?? I don’t know… I did say I wasn’t an expert. Personally, I feel more comfortable in a cleaner, clutter-free space. It puts my mind at ease. So I recommend it.

Re-organise- switch up your room so it suits your needs at the time.  Move things around. Sort out your storage (I recently transferred all my art things to one big, cute box so it’s all neatly stored away in one place. I stored my scented tea lights in a smaller box that I’d previously been using for my art supplies). It’ll also make tidying up easier and less stressful- you don’t have to wrack your brains trying to find the appropriate place to things away. AND you can also find things more easily, so you save even more stress! Run out of place? See above.

Change your linen regularly- Is there anything better than fresh, clean linen. No. There is not. By changing you linen regularly you get to experience this wonderful feeling regularly. Yes, it is effort, but just think of it as your work out for the day (especially with the pay off of clean sheets!).

Good lighting- let natural light in as much as you possibly can. Rooms look so nice when they’re flooded with natural light (especially on a lovely, sunny day). Most of the time, I simply having my curtains open makes me feel better mentally and boosts my productivity (kind of). As well as natural light I also really recommend investing (I say that like they’re super expensive, I got mine from Clas Ohlson and they’re awesome AND were only £13. Not sponsored btw, especially as I can’t seem to find them on the site. These are close, if you’re curious). I also have a lava lamp and a star projector, which really help create a soothing atmosphere. I mean, the star projector transforms my ceiling into an awesome starry sky so I can ‘star-gaze’ from my bed. It is pricey but it makes for an amazing gift! Mood lighting (especially colour changing) in general is really nice and can really contribute to creating a relaxing environment.

Fresh air- simple but effective. Open a few windows and say bye bye to the gross, musty, lived-in air that just kinda brings the mood down. Fresh air can be pretty helpful in restoring a sense of mental clarity I find. I guess it helps my mind to breathe, silly and cliche as that may sound.

Scented candles- Scented candles are going to crop up a lot on this blog. I love scented candles and I will be recommending them A LOT. Anyway, the right scent can really help create a lovely, calm atmosphere. I’d advise against getting anything too strong and perfume-y. I like soft, fruity scents personally. I also had a lavender and sea salt scented one a while back and that had a pretty relaxing aroma (I think it would be especially good if you’re going for an home spa day kind of effect. Or if you’re just having a home spa day. Candles have a soft glow that warms up the room (haha, not just literally) and makes it feel super cosy.


L-R: prosecco, blueberry fizz and strawberry cheesecake

Decorate your walls- with art/posters/pictures that make you feel happy and uplifted. If you’re feeling particularly creative make a mood board and stick it up in your room! (Side note, I really want to make one, they look so cool. I have so much I want to do over this summer though, so I doubt I’ll be able to find the time unfortunately).

This doesn’t quite capture my canvas in the best way but I felt that none of the other photos I took really work, so you’re stuck with this glimpse… enjoy!

Blankets- the ultimate comfort, therefore the ultimate essential. Not only can you get some awesome, decorative blankets, but being able to snuggle up in one seriously helps you feel just that little bit more comforted (especially on a cold winter’s day). I just feel a bit safe when I’m wrapped in a blanket, I guess it just feels so soft and gentle and that makes me feel secure?


Plants- I’ve never really kept plants but they look awesome, like bringing the outdoors indoors. I think they also cleanse the air, but maybe I just made that up. I should definitely get some plants in my room actually, I feel like I’m missing out (and can I really recommend that you get some when I don’t have any myself?), but then I’d probably keep forgetting to water them and they’d end up dying. I still think it would be worth trying though.

Not a plant from my room but it adds something nice to the living room (where it’s photographed, I’m not fancy enough to have a fireplace in my bedroom haha!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have found at least something that’s kinda useful! How do you like to decorate your space? Is there anything else you’d recommend to make your room more relaxing? I’d love to hear about them!







16 thoughts on “Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

  1. We do a lot of the same things when trying to create a relaxing atmosphere and I love it! Candles, clean linen, fresh air, and natural light have to be my most favorite thing about making a space feel clean and calm. It really helps with my anxiety!

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  2. Definitely agree with this! I like to have a tidy room, clean surfaces and candles. Plants are always there too. Even fake ones are good enough.

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