Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

I like travelling. No. I love travelling! Unfortunately I’m not going on holiday this summer, which honestly makes me feel pretty darn sad. That also means no travel diaries (try to hold back the tears guys) which also makes me kinda upset because I really love writing those, I think they’re amongst some of my favourites to write! That’s enough complaining, though. I don’t want my misery to ruin this post!

Instead of travel diaries I’ve decided to write a few travel-themed posts that I’ll share throughout the summer period, so I (and anyone else reading, especially those who are similarly won’t be taking a trip abroad this year) can live vicariously through the idea of travelling, and the memory of my past experiences.

To kick things off, I decided to compile a list of things that might be useful (or just slightly life-saving) when it comes to travelling. This post is based on my own experiences of travelling so there may be things that I’ve missed or that may not apply to your own travels, but still, I hope you find at least something helpful on here (or even if you don’t that you still find it entertaining and even mildly amusing).

Plane runway

Clear plastic bags for liquids

STORY TIME!!! I went away to Bulgaria a few years back with a few friends. It was my first trip without my parents, which made it a little bit more nerve wrecking because I was solely responsible for myself. On the journey back, when going through security in Bulgaria I discovered that I either needed to have my own clear plastic bag for my liquids, leave security and go buy one from god know’s where (they were not clear about where to purchase them from) or throw out my liquids. Being a little bit stupid, for reasons that are beyond me I didn’t have the clear plastic bag I’d been given at Gatwick on my outward journey. I guess I thought I wouldn’t need it. I was wrong. I have learnt my lesson. Luckily, whilst I was contemplating leaving the queue to go and buy a plastic bag (there was no way I was going to throw out my make up) a friend came through for me and gave me a bag. I still have that clear bag, and I’m going to be taking this with me anytime I have to fly anywhere. You never know which airports might charge (I was naive because every other place I’d flown into and out of gave them for free) and you don’t want to risk having to part with your liquids!


If you’re like me and have painfully dry skin, moisturising is generally an essential in life. Flying, however, seriously. dries out the skin, so moisturiser becomes even more of a necessity. Make sure you take some moisturiser with you on the plane though! It’ll be a long flight if you’re left with paper-dry skin and no relief. Of course, you are limited on how much moisturiser you can carry in your hand luggage (liquid restrictions, duh) but of course travel-sized moisturiser exists so you’re covered. Personally, I actually have a little clear pot that I fill up with moisturiser and take with me, it’s pretty nifty and it helps you save a bit of cash (travel sized products might be small but the prices sure aren’t).

Plug Adaptor

You will make excellent use of this when abroad so you really don’t want to forget it! It is possible to pick one up at the airport on the of chance you forget but why  spend the start of your holiday rushing around trying to look for one. Save yourself the worry (and the money, I’m willing to bet they cost more at the airport… doesn’t everything??!) and make sure you pack a couple before hand.


Portable Battery

I’m awful at remembering to top up my portable battery but that’s not going to stop me from recommending one to y’all. I think the reasons are fairly obvious. If you’re unable to find a decent charging point and you’re relying on your phone a lot you’ll seriously thank yourself for bringing this along with you. Make sure it’s fully charged though ‘cos it’s kind of useless if it isn’t!

Body wipes

So useful in so many situations, especially when you get a bit mucky or sweaty but can’t immediately have a shower. I definitely think you should pop some in your bag if you’re going to the beach, a festival or camping.

Bluetooth Speaker

It just adds that extra quality boost to your music. Your summer playlist, but 10x better! I took mine (well, my mum’s) on our last holiday and it really helped create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Chewing Gum

Kinda similar to body wipes, if you’re unable to get a moment to brush your teeth (especially on a long haul flight) it’s a pretty effective way of keeping your mouth feeling a bit fresh until you get the opportunity to give them a good clean. Actually, I recommend carrying gum with you wherever you go- you never know when you’ll need it!

Consider buying your own booze from local supermarkets

You can get some super cheap booze abroad if you have a little scan of the supermarkets, so it’s definitely worth doing!

Blanket Scarf

Perfect for any trip because it’s pretty much an easily transportable blanket. Also useful if you’re flying from somewhere cold to somewhere hot as you can easily tuck it away in your hand luggage when not needed, but you can also keep warm when you need to.

Ear Plugs

I think there are a few airlines that will provide you with ear plugs but it’s better not to take the chance because they are very very useful for a flight. Not only do they block out background noise so you can attempt to catch a few winks but they help with painful ears during take off and landing.

Create a little travel pamper kit

Include whatever makes you feel most relaxed. Travelling in itself can be pretty stressful, so it helps to make things a little bit more pleasant. A sheet mask, body lotion, nail polish and some freshening face wipes would all make for a great kit in my opinion (though I must admit I’ve never made one of these before… I guess I’ll be taking my own advice from now on haha!)


Make a note of useful contacts

Including contact details for the place(s) you’re staying at, the airline you’ve travelled with (if applicable), your country’s embassy, the emergency contact number for the place you’re visiting, contact details for the people you’re travelling with, friends/relatives back home and/or anyone you might know in the area. Contact details for a reputable taxi service might also be useful. Note these down in your phone and make a little back up list in a small notebook to carry around with you.

Make sure your suitcase stands out

I’ve realised that a lot of luggage can end up looking really similar and, as it gradually makes its way round the baggage carousel and your view is obstructed by other travellers eager to snatch up their cases as soon as they catch sight of them, you find that everyone else seems to have chosen luggage that looks pretty much identical to yours. Of course, you could go all out and pick up the most extra set of luggage you can find. Does the thought of carrying luggage that is makes you break out in a nervous rash? Easy- just add a more subtle marker that will help you to easily identify your luggage. Something like a colourful ribbon tied round the handle or a sticker should work pretty well! Just so long as you don’t walk off with the wrong case, that definitely won’t help get your holiday off to the best start.

Be wary that baggage handlers will likely try and get into your suitcase… they might even cut off the lock!

In terms of valuables, it is much, much better to keep them in your hand luggage. However, if, for whatever reason, you have to keep it in your suitcase make sure it’s very well hidden (and don’t be stupid like someone and chuck your phone in the net pocket inside the suitcase where it’s very much visible, even if it is broken). While we’re on the topic of stolen valuables, make sure you look for travel insurance that covers lost or stolen gadgets (or gadget insurance that covers lost/stolen/damaged gadgets on holiday). It’s also worth checking whether any of your current insurance policies might cover lost of stolen property.

Anything that might be needed in the event of lost luggage

Like a spare pair or two of underwear, a few pads/tampons (if you’re not currently on your period), first aid-type stuff etc.


If you have a Netflix account download something(s) to watch (because that’s something you can do now, which is awesome!). If there is ever any entertainment on board the selection is usually pretty limited, so it certainly helps to cover yourself on that front. On a similar note, remember to pack other forms of entertainment, like books, magazines, puzzles, cards etc. And your headphones too, they’re an essential!

A holiday playlist

You need a soundtrack for your holiday, of course! Make sure you head on down to Spotify and fill your playlist with all your favourite holiday tunes!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Enjoy your holiday, I am very envious of you.








20 thoughts on “Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Journey

  1. I NEVER go on holiday without a portable charger! Also, I didn’t know they didn’t provide plastic bags on the other side – I’ve just happened to have mine with me every time, but I’ve never actually thought it through!
    Jas xx

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  2. I’ve never traveled on an airplane, but I’m going to keep the whole ribbon or sticker on your luggage thing in mind for when I do because that’s such a good idea! These are all great suggestions/tips! I just got home a few days ago from traveling and I totally agree with having a holiday playlist – it just really adds to the vibe!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If you are traveling with children than pack a small extra bag for them and required things like food or chips something. If you are travel solo, then pack your bag only with the necessary things which you can pick your bag while walking.

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