Christmas in London

note: I actually wrote this a few weeks back, before December had even started. Then life got very hectic and deadlines crept up on me so I didn’t get round to publishing it quite as soon as I’d have liked.

Much to my delight, the Christmas season has rolled round again. I’m honestly thrilled, I go completely and totally mad for Christmas. I can’t wait to sing along to Christmas songs as I drive into uni, to decorate my house, to see streets illuminated with pretty fairy lights, to indulge in way too many festive snacks. I wanted to bring the excitement and festive cheer to my blog, so I thought it would be perfect to write about my recent Christmassy trip to London. I hope you enjoy reading about it!

While I’d normally get the train straight into London Waterloo, this time I managed to get a lift into London with my Dad, who wanted to go up there to sort out some paperwork. It was a grey day, and the threat of rain was very real- it had actually been predicted several days in advance. I was not going to let it rain on my parade (ha. ha. ha.) though!! Once we’d reached our destination, I took a train to St.Pancras to meet my sister. It was a long-ish ride but I did manage to get some reading done. Also, when I happened glance out of the window, as I often like to do on train journeys, we went past a Travelodge and lucky me got a glimpse of some woman making coffee in her underwear. Let’s just say that was not one of the sights I planned nor wanted to see on this trip. I waited outside a Starbucks for my sister (for ten bloody minutes, I was so cold and bored) and the temptation to go in and pick up a cheeky festive latte. I didn’t, though, because the queue was stupidly long.

Eventually Rebecca (sister) showed her face and we set off to Baker’s Street to hit up Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Rebecca really wanted to try a doughnut from there (they’re really not widely available in the UK- Dunkin’ Doughnuts, not doughnuts in general in case you thought) and once the seed was planted in my mind I decided I really had to try one too. It was pretty easy to find, just opposite Baker’s street station. After much deliberation (yes, I’m very indecisive, I’m a Libra I can’t help it!!) we settled on a white chocolate Christmas tree doughnut, and a something cream Christmas smiley face doughnut and a caramel latte, because coffee is a necessity, obviously. There’s virtually no seating inside or within the vicinity of the shop, so we ended up eating our doughnuts on the Tube. I’m damn glad I always carry hand sanitiser with me… it was very much needed! The coffee and doughnuts were so delicious. Definitely worth the trip out to get it. I can’t remember what cream was in the middle of the smiley face doughnut but my god was it good.

Didn’t manage to get a picture of the doughnuts sadly, we just wanted to eat them haha

The next place we went to was Harrods. At this point we’d finished our coffee and one of the doughnuts, but we still had another one remaining. There were benches just outside Harrods so we perched there and finished it off, whilst also taking in the beautiful Christmas decorations. The tree outside Harrods was the most extra thing- it was adorned with huge crystallised baubles which were hilariously extra, including a Christmas pudding, a turkey, a bottle of champagne and bloody lobster, ‘cos why not??? So bougie, honestly. After we’d polished off the remaining doughnut (and taken a couple of cheeky photos) we actually headed into Harrods.

Can you see the lobster??! It really did tickle me to see that haha!

Harrods is spectacularly opulent, with marble walls, an impressive chandelier in the perfume department, and a huge incredibly expensive luxury brands and products. It is also spectacularly busy. The crowds were a bit of a mood killer but still, it was nice to see Christmas trees and wreaths and fairy lights everywhere! There were many things that caught my eye (Christmas spiced coffee, something I didn’t know I needed until I saw they were selling it), but unfortunately most of the stuff is not in my budget, (like a £70 unicorn cake, even though it did look incredibly beautiful and incredibly delicious.) On the flip side, there were also many things that made me think ‘who the hell would part with their cash for that?’ Like a ‘work of art’ that, I kid you not, looked uncannily similar to something I drew when I was about five that retailed at over £10,000. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. We took the opportunity to take a quick (haha, NOT) loo break since we happened to stumble on some toilets (it’s not all that easy to find free toilets in London). Inevitably, there was a queue, but we decided to stick it out because God knows when we’d next find some loos. Just ahead of us in this queue were two American ladies who were having a pretty amusing conversation, including ‘we know them through safari club.’ …safari club This was the first I learnt that such a thing existed. I wonder how rich you have to be to join a safari club, dear lord. I didn’t get any photos inside Harrods so here are a few of the exterior instead.


After a while we started to get pretty overwhelmed in Harrods, not to mention the fact that our stomachs were definitely calling to us by that point, so we decided to head over to our next destination- South Bank for the Christmas markets. It took us a little while to actually find the South Bank (even though I’d just been there a couple of weeks back haha). I didn’t think the walk to get there was too bad though, the air felt surprisingly nice and fresh (for London). I enjoyed it as much as I could on a pretty empty stomach. With a little help from Google maps we managed to get there. We arrived at the opposite end of the South Bank, and there were only a few stalls round that side, which made the market seem pretty underwhelming. After a bit of a walk (and a couple of much-needed rest stops), we found the proper market area. It was very Christmassy, but I think it was even more crowded than Harrods so it was difficult to properly peruse each stall. Unfortunately, we could’t indulge as much as we’d have liked (I’d have loved to have had some mulled wine, a hot chocolate and some crepes mmmm) but we did manage to find something pretty damn tasty to wolf down. After wandering round for a bit, we decided on a portion of halloumi and chips, and a Coke Zero because I was insanely thirsty. Even though the area was heaving we managed to find a pretty nice spot to perch and eat our food and have a little gossip.


We finished up a trip with a quick stop by the Primark on Oxford Street. I recommend avoiding this Primark if you’re able, it’s so big and so busy that finding what you need is quite.a hard task. Just the thought of doing a proper clothes shop in there exhausts me. We didn’t need much and knew exactly what we wanted to we just about managed to survive, breezing in to quickly pick up what we were after (a cute Christmas duvet for Rebecca and some pillow cases, face towels and a couple of packs of Smints which I chucked in my basket at the last minute). We’d debated checking out the Christmas lights on Oxford Street but we were too tired to navigate the crowds. Instead, we took a moment to enjoy the lights we could see before nipping back to Rebecca’s student flat so she could grab a few things to bring home and change her linen.


That’s pretty much it! Of course there’s the journey back, but that’s really not all that exciting, as you might have imagined. I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip and that you’re feeling all festive now it’s December and the Christmas period is upon us! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas time!

Look at this cute little Tiffany’s Christmas tree in the middle of St Pancras station!!



10 thoughts on “Christmas in London

  1. I really loved reading this – you’re such a vivid story teller! I’m a Libra too so I feel you on being very indecisive haha. And I also laughed out loud when you said you saw a women making coffee in her underwear, that was too good. Your pictures are beautiful and I’m so happy you had a good and festive time with you sister! London looks beautiful for Christmas!

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