Make Studying More Bearable

I wish I could do a post on how to improve your grades, or successfully write an essay, or boost productivity but unfortunately those are all things I’m (so far, unsuccessfully) figuring out myself. However, I’m currently at the point where I’m about to start smashing out those essaysย  I started writing this post a […]

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Choosing A University

So you’ve reached the point where your UCAS application has been submitted and you’ve had decisions from all (or, in some cases, like my sister’s, who’sย still waiting to hear back from a certain university) of the universities you’ve applied to and you’ve now reached the point where you need to choose which university you’d like […]

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Improving Your Art Skills!

Ok, I must admit art (i.e. drawing and painting) is pretty much exclusively a hobby for me. I am in not a professional in any way. in fact, I don’t even have a single art-related qualification. Not even an art GCSE. That’s not going to stop me from giving you guys advice on how to […]

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